AAAA hosting performance issues

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AAAA hosting performance issues

Hi all - well been getting all sorts of feed back across all 3 dedi's on lag and crashes and stuff like that.........

Just spent all day looking at logs and these are my findings -:

This report is for all 3 dedi servers -:

Issues I have found

All the hardware servers are running under at 50% even at peak times such as evenings and weekend's

Clan servers -:

I have noticed that just all of the clan servers including my own are all flooding with errors!!!! these are from mods and maps generating script errors!!! these hog the server!!!

I cant fix them but the logging alone dont help!!!

Next Reborn Patch setting's a lot of the clan servers have every Reborn patch server setting on - IMO half of the seetings on the REBORN patch are more trouble than they are worth and lag the server an example is no recoil - you get a few players on with the no recoil mod and the server works over time trying to fix...................

Next Server game crashes these are not AAAA hosting related - If you want to run a standard MOHAA server on AAAA it will not crash but if you are loading mods and maps with errors they will crash !!!! this is not a hosting issue!!!!!

TS3 lag issue's these are a AAAA issue These are not hardware server related as again all 3 servers are running great I have raised this with our host Gaming Deluxe as a major issue!!!

Server lag - Again this is not an AAAA issue when you are running Reborn patch with all settings on but it is an AAAA issue when your TS is lagging also!!!!

So my findings are that their are many issues that are clan related on their server build but also that we have had major network issue's so my problem is filtering and fixing the problems...............

Their appear's to be a regular intermittent network issue on our host which I have raised as a major issue.

At the same time I am getting reports of game server crash's most of these are all server build related!!! SCAPP will not restart a hung server so if your MOHAA server can not be connected to do a manual restart.

I will keep you posted on these issues but dont always blame AAAA hosting we run it I will fix these issues but I promise the hardware side is running great - yes we have had hardware issues and we have found issues before and fixed but some pointers to help......

In your server config leave developer set to 0 unless you are bug fixing

Set the server log files in config to 1 not 3

With the Reborn patch do not turn all the settings on for which is the best setup god knows still working it out my self (

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again