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Anti-Cham Mod

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Last update: 22-01-2017 (V1.10) (by Shadow)
(This update has removed some false positives and made all files compatible with both AA & SH.)

///Basic Information///

This is a 'mod' that blocks certain pk3 chams (100 known chams, probaly more, seeing as most work the same way).
The hacker will get a colored screen when playing in the server (Every 50 sec. in FFA/TDM and at roundstart at OBJ/RB).
Now any hacker that knows how to edit a pk3 file will be able to bypass this, also cheaters that use non-pk3 hacks (opengl for instance) will not get blocked.

Anyways, it's a nice way to keep some noobs out of your server, every noob that gets blocked by it is a win for the server.


Made by: Contex
Further edited,updated & improved by: Shadow
Script improvements by: Sim0n

/////Diffrence between Shadow's update and the original mod by Contex (&Trinity)?/////

- No more lagg (laggbursts have been removed, the only lagg possible would be in the 1st second of a round only !)
- Edited the mod so that it blocks much more chams without any lagg.
- Converted the mod into a pk3 file.
- Removed false positives.
- Readme file included.
- Spearhead version included.
- Freeze-Tag version included.
- Qconsole Filter included (made by Gen.Syma).
- Anticham cvar included (implemented by JoTo).
- Script improvements (implemented by Sim0n).

///How to install?///

Unzip/Unrar the Anti-Cham.rar and place the included pk3 file in your servers mohaa\main folder.
For OBJ/RB use: ZzZzZzZ_Anti-ChamOBJ.pk3
For FFA/TDM use: ZzZzZzZ_Anti-ChamFFA.pk3
For FT use: ZzZzZzZ_Anti-ChamFT.pk3

Add the following line to your server.cfg (or activate through console):
seta anticham 1 // 1=on 0=off (The OBJ is not using a cvar yet)

If the mod does not work, try adding more 'Z''s to the name (e.g. zzzzzzzzzzz_Anti-Cham.pk3) so that it will be the last pk3 file it reads, thus not making it conflict with other pk3's in your server main folder.

Restart the server after adding the pk3.

When people complain about not being able to see the game, or having a coloured screen (red, yellow, blue etc.) they are using chams (wallhack skins) so.. cheating.