Buzzard Gulch

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Buzzard Gulch


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Buzzard Gulch by AccadaccA
January 10, 2018

With much appreciated thanks to ...

theripppa for use of his horse models.
Purple Elephant1au, Zappa & DoubleKill for their help with the teleporter via the xNull forums.
Shadow and Noiz (the Map Busters) for beta testing and bug reporting.
Major_A (and a handful of others) for testing it on the ICCC server.

Extract the "buzzardamb" folder to your "MOHAA\main\sound" folder.
Extract the "buzzard.pk3" to your "MOHAA\main" folder.

All roofs are accessable and if anything looks climbable it most likely is.
Lower objects such as corral fencing can be jumped on then over.
Wooden crates and an axe have been strategically placed to assist in climbing onto certain roofs.
A teleport tunnel runs from the cave (South / West of map) to the mine shaft (North), and of course back again.
Most smaller signs are breakable.
The gallows work by lever or standing on the platform trapdoors and pressing your "use" key.
Even under the gallows represents the working mechanics of the device.

Sorry about the FPS. I've tried to resolve that, even moved the church / school off the main street.
I would have liked to have added more objects on the streets and sidewalks as well as more furniture to the buildings but the frame rate runs pretty low in some places.
However when tested on the ICCC server it ran without incident.

Map video