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Mohaa gaming ladders

Hey everyone,
Just popping on to invite you all to the new best place to play MOHAA competitively which is @ MOHAA.ORG
We have various active ladders and in the past two months we have had over 180 clan wars played on our ladders.
We have lot's of old school players playing there such as diamondback, salem, tutistrukt, moffenmoiler, to name just a few!
We have a public ts3 server which some of us hang out on and you are free to join us > password = mohaa
Shortly our first cup "The Halloween 2014 cup"  will kick off so if you can get a team together sign up for it!
Most of our matches use the anti cheat "Mohaac" but it is up to each clan if they wish to make other arrangements however we always encourage the use of anti cheat in our wars.
We have a robust system much like clanbase however we only cater purely for MOHAA.
We have an xfire status wall which displays everyones xfire status all in one nice page to help you identify clans searching for a war, You can also update your xfrire status from within the clan control panel, We have a demo section, We have an active servers list page, We have chat forums, We have war reports and a really cool clan reputation system....
We have a great community and excellent admins available to help via xfire whenever needed.. 
Okay if you must join, Join here >