Motleycristo's Castle (AA Version)

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Motleycristo's Castle (AA Version)


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This map contains a castle that I created for a good laugh and one of the Clan Members, Motleycristo featuring his favorite things. The map includes a castle with features such as a lab (run by clan members Le Mouton Noir & Moo, a garage, throne room, library, dining hall, and pool. There are also a few hidden rooms, passages, and features. I want to thank the people at xNull and AAAA for their help and guidance, especially AccadaccA and Shadow (Brian) for testing my map for errors/bugs/exploits. Credit is also due to my friend and fellow clan member Le Mouton Noir for providing many of the drawings included in the lab section of the map.
**NOTICE** This version is designed for gameplay in Allied Assault (AA). This means that SH/BT players will experience bugs with certain textures. I am releasing a version separately for Spearhead/Breakthrough that will not have texture bugs.
- The Shadow (William Davis) If you have any questions or would like to contact us email us at

or visit

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