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Pakradar Development MOD's

Hi was chatting with Shadow about what to do with the MOD side
So current situ is a mod on the mod database can be in the following formats.
1.Its zipped as has multi files and cant be used
2 Its zipped as has many support files such as info and docs but only has one PK3
3.Its zipped has only one PK3 but has a sound pack that cant be added to the PK3
4.Its zipped and has multi PK3 files
5 Its there as a Pk3 and would work via database auto download or to be used as a link in the Pakradar file list
So we have any idea to resolve some of the issues above 
issue 1. -: We add 2 extra fields to the mod database - first field is an "multi additional file upload field"  This allows the current zip file to stay as is and will be only used for manual downloads by user - the additional file upload then allows unzipped multi additional pk3 files to be uploaded 
Then for each file uploaded there will be an MD5 sub field 
So above covers all issue with exception of sound files that can not be added to pk3
So if we added these fields could Pakradar be able to add support for auto mod downloads from database side ?

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