Some Maps / mods download as Zip / Rar

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Some Maps / mods download as Zip / Rar

Hi all we have not so much a bu but AAAA Database handling some requests from Pakradar............
Some Maps / mods download as Zip / Rar 
All maps need to download in there normal state of PK3 - on the AAAA map database this is the majority but a few will be in zip / RaR  format which will not work - We are looking into these issue so please do post in the sub forums for maps and mods that dont work on Pakradar
Please give as much info as possible such as link to the map / mod / skin on AAAA that it downloaded in zip format  - where there is a quick fix AAAA side we will look into it 

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Re: Some Maps / mods download as Zip / Rar

jon i do know through messing round with these files in the past its just the extension that needs changein even if it is a zip or rar, say for instance ya have say, just change it to canal.pk3 on the database, mohaa still detects the file ingame, im unsure about rar ones but i do know the zip ones work, hope it helps

Re: Some Maps / mods download as Zip / Rar

Heya bob,
Although it happens that a pk3 file is converted to zip (and thus a simple extension change would work), it's not the case here.
The maps and mods that are uploaded in zip/rar file (which aren't a lot) are uploaded like this due to the amount of extra files added with the map.
Some zip files consist out of multiple pk3's, audio files, documents and more.
Whilst I was uploading all the maps, I tried to upload everything as pk3, but there were some rare exceptions where I just couldn't do it, cause of the amount of extra files that were supplied with the map/mod itself. 

Re: Some Maps / mods download as Zip / Rar

ahhh so its the extra stuff, i must of missed where that was mentioned thought it was about just straight pk3 files