AAAA Community Staff Stucture

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AAAA Community Staff Stucture




AAAAHestinkbod (MEGA) -

Chief AAA Admin for all AAAA services / Developement and support / TS3 and problem maker!!

Ubersoldier (COH) -

Site Moderator /Dedicated server support /Server - match support

Betuinhuisd (LKW) -

Site Moderator /League Admin - matches/Website use support

Bloodthirsty (LKW) -

Site Moderator / FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE support / dev / AAAA event functions

Joto (MEGA) -

Site Moderator / SCAPP developer and SCAPP support Watchdog and SCAPPHOST

nanlinda (LKW) -

Site Moderator and TS3 admin / server monitor for all AAAA hosted services and servers

MEGA Double Kill (MEGA) -

Site Moderator / AAAA Xfire Admin

Canvey Hammer (WOV) -

Site Moderator

Scarface(WOV) -

Site Moderator

If you are a member of the AAAA Community and can help in any small way please get in touch and send me a message -:


Message to Heatsinbod

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: AAAA Community Staff Stucture

Hi all - well done this so we know who is doing what..........and a ask for help

For me I am enjoying running AAAA but my own clan MEGA is dying because all my time is on here - I kind have neglected it a lot Sad
TBH I am only getting to play MOHAA on Fridays used to enjoy playing COH custom maps on Sundays never get time to lately - So trying to fix a lot of stuff and get it all running smoothly then going to step back a little bit just to support my own clan to get things rolling that side...............

If any one can help more please shout

I think its all running stable now - theirs so many things I want to do to improve but got to spend more time on my clan MEGA so nothing changes but guess some of the stuff I wanted to do will have to go on the list. If you got something to add then please add it I will sort it if its on the list - the list is here -:

Many thanks to all those who have help'd - Guess I never thought we would get this big but some nights
I dont come on TS3 or XFIRE as I get flooded and end up trying to do to much and balls up so hence the to do list - Cool

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again