AAAA News 23/01/12

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AAAA News 23/01/12

Hi all our Third dedicated server is now online - at this stage we are not sure if Dedi 2 is stable - All I have been trying to do is getting the new box dedi3 box ready so we can fall back on that.

What next Will finish moving some backups tomorrow off dedi 2 if that goes well then the plan is this -:

We will have 6 match servers across the 3 dedi's -:

DEDI-1 Primary always online
DEDI-1 Secondary offline started when needed
DEDI-2 Primary always online
DEDI-2 Secondary offline started when needed
DEDI-3 Primary always online
DEDI-3 Secondary offline started when needed

Their will be one match server always running on each Dedi the Primary match server - the Secondary match server on each box will only be started when needed - IE more than 3 matches running one night which I guess will happen may be on Fridays.

I will finish balancing the servers this weekend we will all end up with better performance across all 3 dedi's - Clans with more than one server which is hosted on the same dedi should contact me and I will discuss with you about moving your server if you wish - NOTE you dont have to !!!

At This stage I see no point in running another TS3 server on dedi3 as DEDI 1 and 2 can cope with backing each other up.

I think we are now in a great position to gain better performance and be in a position to expand and have backup services Wink

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again