AAAA running costs

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AAAA running costs

Hi all things are going well but we have just upgraded a lot the past few months on both hardware and network which is all great but kind of think sometimes I see the same people paying their way to help and many not ((

I myself have in the past have supported so much to the running costs but in recent times have only paid small amounts for MEGA and AAAA but hope my past contributions have made up for my short falls in recent times being out of work .

So would like to make Some points and suggestions -:

AAAA League running costs - these are not large but are covered by the clans hosted on AAAA and donations so at present we dont charge a fee to join but I kind of feel some clans pay more than others and support more which is not fair

I will start on that by saying that the mighty LKW and WOV clans are our biggest supporters and have all their servers hosted with us both hosting many servers and have been through the good the bad and the ugly on service but I hope as a community we have been
worth sticking with

I have made mistakes on the service side but I must admit Gaming deluxe on a service level to AAAA have been outstanding - have I got it wrong oh hell yes and have GD oh hell yes but they respond and a lot of it has been related to DOS attacks which are a bitch from hell a long with cheaters

Their are also so many others who support AAAA such as COH and a lot of you on single servers all are just as important

But I fully appreciate EU clans not wanting to be hosted on AAAA nor are we trying to force you to host with us but at the same time would be great if we could host some EU servers from a AAAA in the EU and beyond, perhaps other than just the UK where we are based at present.

This can only only be achieved from support from all and at present I kind of feel that their are a few not helping as the others at present and kind of holds us back from expanding...........

If I get this wrong then it kind of bollocks everyone up who has supported AAAA hosting including me so I am just trying to be fair and honest and maintain the best service possible..........

I will give an example that my own kids want me to create game servers for them on AAAA, I will NOT because we are a community and I am not going to risk our service and cause lag but at the same time I have a few of you that donate to AAAA for multi gaming - Its a fine line but when we run a few things for multi gaming services where it generates AAAA income from it to support MOHAA !!! I kind of dont mind........

What I do mind is finding players on AAAA MOHAA funded TS3 hosted servers where they are not supporting MOHAA Crazy

So I have a few suggestions to fix above...................

The AAAA League, We are far from the best but its work in progress but what I will say is its a pleasure to play it all be it the slowest longest League in MOHAA but it runs as we want it and I would like to think it is the cleanest

We have also been messed around a bit with clans joining then doing a quit...........

So I propose that perhaps we think of adding an entrance fee...... shock horror many will turn away but say perhaps a £10 entrance fee to a season for a whole clan will put off the time wasters ??? I would also add perhaps a discount from AAAA hosted servers - so if a clan is hosted on AAAA where ever in the EU then that clan gets a discount............

Multi Gaming - I am going to speak with Gaming deluxe so the payment system can be enhanced, at present all payments go to GD and cant be touvhed but we just get a basic payment detail of amount and email so all the backend accounts are manual so its hard to track and manage...........

I did setup a payment system but I was not happy with it so going to work on this one..........

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: AAAA running costs

I think charging an entrance fee to join could be a good idea jon and as you say, it will 'put off' the time wasters here.
A sign-up fee for all clans for each new season ? .....I would be more than happy to pay this.

As for renting my servers here.... I think the service you provide here with the maintenance and up-keep of the servers here is second to none !!
You are always on hand if there is a problem.....and that for me is a big plus and that's another reason why i rent my servers from the well as supporting the league Smile

If we decide to include a stock obj league....i think this will encourage many other clans to join this in my experience it's the most popular !! Maybe a TDM League too ! who knows !
I hear some leagues are abit quiet at the moment so we need to be encouraging clans to join us here.

I suggest all clans 'advertise' the AAAA League on their forums so visitors get to know about us ! I for one will do this on my new forum Wink
Lets get the AAAA League out there and let people know we exist !!
We have a fantastic set up here and great support from people.....we can only get better !!!!!!