AAAA Theme and server nights

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AAAA Theme and server nights

Hi all want to get some fun nights sorted for AAAA...................

Well for starters COH run the COH Custom night Sunday and as you all know is always excellent - have asked asked Dave to get the event booked and the latest maps..........

Victor is currently working on the AAAA Theme Server Which is currently the Zombie Mod - once he has perfected this this will be launched as a theme night I guess a Saturday ????

I would like to suggest a one off night for the new released Base Assault 2 and would like to do that this Monday 27th - I will post an event with all the details............

What I want to ask is the clans invite and create events for the weekdays that dont clash with other events like Fridays are mainly match nights - but if you see no match's are arranged create an event and invite all to your server and TS stuff like that

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again