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AccadaccA & 1337Smithy


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Amazement by AccadaccA and 1337Smithy.

Hash# 0f0368b52d5d04e084023c5af4bfc254

Thanks to Shadow for beta testing.

///////// GAME TYPE:

This map incorporates elements of Capture The Flag, Tug Of War and Liberation all rolled into the one game type (TOW).

Spearhead: Tug Of War.

Place the pk3 file in your "MOHAA\mainta" folder.

///////// GAME PLAY:


There are four flagpoles numbered 1 to 4.
Your objective is to capture any three of the four flagpoles.
To capture the flag the player (YOU) must stand next to the flagpole and hold your in-game "Use" key until the flags have swapped and reached the top of the post.
The flag representing your team will be raised.
All players will be notified by visual and audio alerts of any successful flag capture.

If you release your in-game "Use" key too soon the flags will revert back to how they were.
You may change the flag of the opposing team to your team flag which will add to the objectives required of the opposing team and tick one objective off your team's todo list.
There are three entrances to each flagpole so be mindful of the opposing team attacking from either direction.


There are four jails in total, two for each team.
All players spawn in an open jail.
The jail gates close upon trigger as players run free from the jails. So be sure not to lag behind.
This sets the jails for anyone who is shot and respawned, locking them in.

There are four "AID" stations that correspond with each of the jails.
The aid stations have health, ammo and a prison gate switch.

The switch in an Axis aid station:
Allows an Allied player to release Allied prisoners from the corresponding jail.
Allows an Axis player to lock the corresponding jail.

The switch in an Allied aid station:
Allows Axis players to release Axis prisoners from the corresponding jail.
Allows an Allied player to lock the corresponding jail.


Capture the flags and release any teammates from jail... or lock the opposing teams jails.

///////// CREDITS:

Although the idea is a rather unique concept, my brainchild would be nothing without the script writing abilities of 1337Smithy.
The guy really is amazing. No "maze" pun intended.

With Smithy only ever writing single player scripts and myself only ever making multiple player Allied Assult deathmatch maps, this has been a new adventure and great learning curve for us both.

We hope you enjoy it.

Map video