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CorpseStay Multiplayer

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// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// CorpseStay v2.2 by 1337Smithy
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is a server-side corpses stay mod, meaning players who die will leave 'permanent' corpses!

**NOTE**: Please note that this mod changes two files used by the player model tikis. Be sure to merge these changes
with any changes you may or may not have made to the same files (found in models/player/base). The changes simply 'exec' either 'crpsty_playerspawned2.scr' or 'crpsty_setdeathanim2.scr', so just search for these in those files to find what I changed.


For Allied Assault: Put the zzz_CorpseStay_AA_MP.pk3 file inside your server's mohaa/main directory.

For Spearhead: Put the zzz_CorpseStay_SH_MP.pk3 file inside your server's mohaa/mainta directory.

For Breakthrough: Put the zzz_CorpseStay_BT_MP.pk3 file inside your server's mohaa/maintt directory.

Then do:

Put "exec global/corpsestay2.scr" (without quotes) inside your global/DMprecache.scr (or however you start your mod scripts)

Example server config:

seta crpsty_mp_corpses "5"
seta crpsty_mp_deathsink "1"
seta crpsty_mp_debug "0"

And if it's installed right, you should get "***[CorpseStay]***: (game) MP version 2.2 is running!" in your server console when the server finishes booting up.

crpsty_mp_corpses is the number of corpses allowed at any given time (use wisely).
If you want NO corpses to stay, use 0
If you want UNLIMITED corpses, use -1 (not recommended)
If you want any other (positive) number, use any other (positive) number! duh Tongue

crpsty_mp_deathsink is whether or not to make the corpses sink into the ground when they are removed
If you want NO sinking, use 0 (they just pop out of the world like normal)
If you DO want sinking, use 1

crpsty_mp_debug is whether or not to print debug messages to the server console
If you DON'T want debug messages, use 0
If you DO want debug messages, use 1

You can change these cvars at any point during the map.
Changes to crpsty_mp_corpses will kick in as soon as any player dies again, the rest are instant.

Make sure to use crpsty_mp_corpses wisely and be mindful of how many your server should have.
Not only does it affect the FPS with all those polys lying around,
but it also increases the number of level entities being syncronised on your server. There is a maximum, you know!
So if your server crashes because of 'no free edicts', you'll probably know why! Smile But don't worry TOO much,
you'd probably need a lot of corpses before that issue arises.