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Just spotted this - anyone try'd it ?

fYCcreationZ Medal of Honor Allied Assault Advanced Mod Pack version 2.03 [LITE BETA 3]
fYC AMPv2.0 LITE is a CHEAT-FREE continuation from fYC AMPv1.0.
What is fYC AMP? AMP stands for Advanced Mod Pack and is designed to amplify your
Medal of Honor Allied Assault gameplay experience with an advanced combination of mods,
scripts, fixes, and eye-candy.
[VERSION] fYC-A.M.P. v2.03
[CREDITS] electrickrypt

* fYCcreationZ is not responsible for any damages done to your installation of Medal of Honor or
any other game!
* By downloading fYC-A.M.P. to your PC, you agree to use at your own risk!
* You also agree to the 'important' and 'installation' information provided below.

* fYC-A.M.P. is intended and designed for Medal of Honor Allied Assault only!
-Installing fYC-A.M.P. on any Medal of Honor expansion or any other game will damage your game
* Before installing fYC-A.M.P., back up the following files:
[unnamedsoldier.cfg, MOHAA.exe, cgamex86.dll]
* Remove all other mods to prevent any conflicts.
* Performing an uninstallation via the provided uninstaller.exe will replace the following files
with the original Medal of Honor Allied Assault v1.11 files:
[MOHAA.exe, cgamex86.dll, unnamedsoldier.cfg, video folder contents, & sound/mus_MainTheme.mp3]
* It is recommended to disable vertical refresh / VSYNC settings via your video driver control panel.

1] Run the fYC-A.M.P. installer (installs in 'PROGRAM FILES\EA GAMES\MOHAA' directory by default).
2] Run MoHAA and apply game settings.
3] Join a server and apply menu settings.
4] (Optional, but highly recommended!) Once desired settings are configured, browse to your
'unnamedsoldier.cfg' and make it 'read-only'.
-Once your unnamedsoldier.cfg is read-only, you must disable the read-only option in order to
save any changes. Don't forget to re-enable the read-only option after making changes to prevent
any unintended changes.
-Performing this step will assure you that your settings are as secure and static as they were
the first time A.M.P. was configured.


Interactive fYC-Style Menu
Amplified In-Game Server Browser
Amplified Sound
Amplified Textures & Bullet Holes
Amplified Weapons
Bug-Free Lean Toggles
CoD2 Hit Direction Indicator
fYC Animated Compass
fYC Custimizable Accuracy Crosshairs
fYC fullhairs (400x300 & 800x600)
fYC Neon Accuracy Scope
fYC Red Hud
fYC Violent Blood v3.0
MP3 Player
Scripts (Quick-Scope[2] & Silent-Shot)
Silent Text
Admin Abuse Alert
Admin Abuse Protection
Alias Protection
Default Name Kick-Prevention
Load A.M.P. Defaults
Network System Settings Protection
Quit Confirmation
Additional HD Resolutions (1280x720; 1680x1050; & 1920x1080)
Amplified System Settings v2.1
Console Error Fix(es)
Customizable Favorite Server (1)(Modifiable in-game)
Customizable Taunt (1)(Modifiable in-game)
Easy Demo File Recording
Easy Mod Add-on Support
Easy Server Reconnect
Easy Vid Restart
Easy Windowed Mode
FPS Console Flood Prevention (max_packet_usercmds)
FPS Vertical Sync Fix
fYC Intro Video
No-CD Patch
Reborn Patch Version Check
UberSound Fix
Verify Successful A.M.P. Load
*Verify Write Protection (UNVERIFIED DUE TO UPDATE)
CVAR List (With descriptions and available variables)
Developer Mode
FPS Meter
Qconsole Logging

http://www.fyccreationz.com/forum/downloads/fYCampV2LITEbeta3c.zip (75)



Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: fyc_amp_v2-0

I tried it a while back but it's a bit too much and unneeded stuff.
Like to keep things simple.

Also don't really like using stuff from an (ex-)cheat clan.