Latest AAAA running updates

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Latest AAAA running updates

Hi just thought I would post an update on whats been going on...........

AAAA Map Database - - well as you can see Shadow has done an amazing job of posting shed loads of maps - we still need help if you can help get in-touch but things like reviewing the maps and adding more content details would be a great help, if you can help then we can add you as a map moderator so you can edit.

AAAA Mod Database - - Well Doublekill has started to help on this and already off to a great start and is now posting mods on this to help populate it, again any one who can help also.

AAAA League - - has now been totally replaced from scratch All existing league data imported and now we are ready to run more ))

AAAA TS3 servers - - have now all been updated to the latest Teamspak Version.

AAAA Website has now had the permissions system rebuilt - IF you are a clan admin and you have lost access to anything let us know - this was to make it more simple and improve security...................

Lots more going on but lets us know your thoughts the good the bad and the ugly Wink

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again