MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

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MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

Well posted this thread from the shout box -:

[02/06/13 20:55:42] RAZERread the mohaac stuff, looks similar to warfighter setup, but how can you fight this?

[02/06/13 20:58:57] RAZERi reckon this is what you call....using you equipment to its potential, as its controlled thru mouse and keyboard, BUT, is it cheating..........mmmmm

[02/06/13 22:16:38] ShadowNoRecoil will be caught by MOHAAC np, in Warfighter it seems easier to do though.. just with a script.. but even scripts would be flagged by MOHAAC.

[02/06/13 22:37:57] RAZERnothing to do with warfighter...its all to do with BIND keys, and mouse and keyboard MACROS, even mohaac cant detect it...I PROVED IT and showed it working to my clan.

[02/06/13 22:42:09] RAZERnothing to do with scripts either or mohaa, I have the technology and so do you........I will be sending my findings to steve dellux.


[02/06/13 23:16:22] ShadowI read a bit about it on that link and on some sites.. it seems everyone is either using some sort of macro software or script, which should be detectable? I don't see how recoil can be perfectly controlled without any of that.. though I am curious now.

[02/06/13 22:46:30] RAZERwas ready and still am to call it a day after finding this crap out, can nobody just play a pc game anymore without taking the p*ss

[02/06/13 22:48:16] RAZERand then WE get called cheats because we allow some mods on OUR OWN servers.......mmmmm tasty isnt it.....rant over!!

[02/07/13 16:04:46] RAZERyes shadow the macros are real and work...but as they are desktop programs i dont see how mohaac will detect them...the mouse macro lets you fire stop fire stop fire stop and you dont need to let go of your mouse button.

[02/07/13 16:08:07] RAZERI dont know how the aimbot macro works yet....only way is to download one and take it apart but the forums all boast that they work.l

[02/07/13 16:11:15] RAZERI use logitech 500 gaming mouse and razer lycosa gaming keyboard which both allow macros in their programs and as far as i am aware there is macro programs available for non programables too

[02/07/13 16:17:06] RAZERso big question is.....what do we regard as cheating or using technology....a teamspeak debate is in order

[02/07/13 16:20:24] RAZERIf the technology is better than the game.....then we must make the game equal to the technology and totally get away from ....default gaming....thats my opinion.

[02/07/13 16:22:16] RAZERsorry for putting all this on shoutbox but feel everyone needs to se it.

[02/07/13 16:31:13] ShadowHmm maybe this should be put on xNULL as well.. I'm still not convinced it actually makes a difference on mohaa.. we still have norecoil cvar from 1.12 patch, and most players can burstfire pretty well anyways..

[02/07/13 16:31:35] ShadowI myself would at least never lower myself to play like this.. on the other hand I mostly play with the sniper anyways, no use for it there.

[02/07/13 16:33:21] ShadowBtw.. aimbot macro? How would you get your mouse and keyboard to instantly aim at all the opponents on screen? That can only be done by a real hack/cheat.

[02/07/13 17:00:45] RAZERyeah i agree with burst fire, as i do that when i have to, but as you say not sure how it works with mohaa, but seen it in warfighter and moh. I will try later to get url for forum I was on where they were boasting about it.

[02/07/13 17:04:55] RAZERx-null would be a good idea, they might know, i also saw this on battlefield series, have a look there you may see something I missed.

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Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

Well my own thoughts on it and not fully aware of what can be done but I guess what you are saying is that a macro / keybind on say rapid fire can be pulsed via a macro and key bind and basically  gives you no recoil.


Well yeh I can see that if you key bind a key or mouse button to fire wait fire wait or something like that its going to help prevent recoil gun up lift but for mohaa as long as the anti recoil is on then its only basic keyboard strokes either done by hardware or software but same as pulsing manually - agreed you can get the timing spot on with a macro or keybind so not really sure what bennefit it is till I see it .


The only keybinds I use are -:

bind DEL "+moveleft; wait ; +leanleft"
bind END "+moveright; wait ; +leanright"

I have messed around with keybinds before and done a panic button where the keybind jumps player and spins round firing and crouching but was about as much use as a tea bag with no holes.

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Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

Thes are excerpts from some forums which I copied onto ts.

<18:36:03> "-=LKW=-RAZER":     SturzAdler said:
    How is a macro(a simple program giving out commands at a pre-defined interval) supposed to counter random recoil?
    You know that recoil is random to a certain degree, right?
    There are values that determine wether a gun will pull to the right/left or go straight up, but those are multipliers added into a random value within a certain range
    A simple macro would have not counter the recoil itself, it would just give you random movements into a direction other than the actual recoil

   What you are talking about is a straight norecoil cheat, not a macro

Macros can return your cursor to the middle of screen after every shot so they can be used to eliminate recoil

<18:38:29> "-=LKW=-RAZER": How the fuck does he kill everyone regardless of range with only one burst?

<18:38:42> "-=LKW=-RAZER": Watch 3:19-3:23 and you have your answer, he is aiming to one person, person moves to the right, he continue shooting, but his crosshair locks on the person behind for one second, he couldnt even see him, and he even had to correct his aiming to kill the first was he was shooting.


Better explanation:

At that point he spots one enemy, he start shooting, enemy moves to the right, behind that enemy is another guy and his crosshair locks on him, he has to stop shooting for one second then moves his crosshair to the right to continue shooting the enemy he was trying to kill at first before the aimbot decided to lock on someone else, then he dies. If you people can't see that aimbot then i feel sorry for you.

<18:39:30> "-=LKW=-RAZER":

<18:53:04> "-=LKW=-RAZER": An aimbot can refer to either:

- An artificially intelligent bot you can communicate with using AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

- A macro that gives players of first-person shooters an unfair advantage by automatically aiming at an enemy player's head.


- Aimbot : It is a kind of program that is used in most of the war games as : Medal of Honor Allied Assault ( Mohaa ) it Allows it's user to automatically aim on a point of the
enemy's body part Such As : Head , Upper torso , lower torso , Arms and Legs but it doesn't shoot you have to shoot yourself it ONLY AIMS

Autoshoot : it is a kind of program that is used in most of the war games as : Medal of
Honor Allied Assault ( Mohaa ) it Allows it's use to automatically shoots when it sees the enemy on the screen but you have to aim to the enemy your self ...

Notice : Using these programs together will Allow you to automatically aim and shoot at the enemy all you have to do IS WATCH your program killing everyone in the server ,

<18:54:12> "-=LKW=-RAZER":
thanks and regards ,

<18:56:14> "-=LKW=-RAZER":,3,2,4,5/cl/us,en



Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

Okay well aimbot/autoshoot can't be done with macro's. That simply impossible, and is backed up by the comments I just raid above here.

Issue might be norecoil indeed.. if a player gets to aim back to the center of his screen then that might have an effect indeed.. though I can simply do that while lowering my mouse while shooting in burstfire. And if you want to rapidfire the Reborn cvar should still be able to prevent it most of the times.

But if that cvar is off.. then I would expect a possible issue indeed, although I haven't seen it with my own eyes on mohaa yet. But if it's true it would be a blatent norecoil effect yes.. Think you should make a post on xNULL and see what they think.

Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

I cant find the damn thing now, but I did see the aimbot working on moh and concern is that some smart people can get it to work in mohaa....if so...then mohaac will have trouble seeing it.

I understand what you are saying but still we need to watch out for it.

As for the no recoil debate, I have studied how it works in mohaa and have developed another mod which does away with the no recoil, but alows your screen not to shake.

I will perfect it and put it up for discussion....please bear in mind this is developed to help disabled people or people who suffer from epilepsy etc.. and is a mod to improve our game and not a cheat.

Will make a new post and heading for this, and we can discuss further.

Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

Well there are aimbots in every game ofc. but an aimbot can't be done with macro's or keybinds.

An aimbot searches for the hitboxes or bones of the players in the game, these hitboxes or bones themselves have been made within the game engine, thus only by creating a program that allows you to automatically aim at the closest hitboxes/bones on the specific game (engine) will make an aimbot.

Mouse and/or keyboard software does not know what game you are playing or what hitboxes or players are.. thus it can't make you click on a player without using a detectable program. And these aimbots are already out there (wambot, corruption, iBot etc.).

I can understand that a mouse software could get you to get your aim back on the middle of the screen which would be considered norecoil in game.. so that is the issue at hand. Players might be able to keybind norecoil and aimbot together, but you'd still need the aimbot program, which can be detected by anticheats (a part from people that might have a perfect bypass).

Btw.. you said you were making a mod for kind of a steady aim for disabled people? May I ask if you are making this in general or for a specific person you know to have trouble with it? In either way, if it would give non-disabled people an advantage than it would be considered a cheat if they get their hands on it.. so don't distribute it before at least talking it over with DELLX from MOHAAC and the guys at xNULL.

Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

In my opinion.........the game was developed is why.

You hold a real mg or smg then the GUN itself recoils and not your eyesight,.................. (I know,  I have fired one).

In mohaa your weapon shakes the full screen hence your eyesight is not stable.

Now if you understand the disease called epilepsy then you will realise that certain types of flashing lights and shaky screens are not good for them.

I KNOW THIS BECAUSE MY SON SUFFERED FROM IT..................-=LKW=-CaptainZippy , hence why he plays a couple of maps then takes a break.

I am in process of showing this to my clan for their opinions, so i will debate the issue on aaaa ts before releasing....

Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

We have tested the mod, here is what has been done:- 4 weapons only have been changed: bar, thomson smg, mp44 and mp 40.

I altered only 2 values in each weapon and made a pk3 file, I wont say on here how I done it for obvious reasons but can tell you all on ts.

This means the screen wont shake and the weapons spread is still unaltered. (available for you all to try on our ts)

Granted there may be a slight advantage to the user but we tested it and really there is no difference in game play..........PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS NO RECOIL

if anyone can come up with a better solution then lets have it.....................Preferably the crosshair moves up and down or shakes and not the full screen...............................then this would be realism.


Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

Hi Razer.This project of yours seems interesting, for a while now I have been under the impression my eyes needed some attention and it is only during this last few months I have realised most of my problem occurs during gameplay, usually after playing two or three maps.  I should imagine this is a common occurrence with many players.  I wish you success in your final trial.

Unfortunately I believe you will have lots of criticism to contend with, but I am sure you will win the hearts of many who suffer from what I can only describe as a recoiling screen blindness and not a recoiling weapon.
I believe the pure Default brigade would probably come down on you for making such a change but I think it would certainly be a blessing to the Reality brigade.

Good luck Pal.

Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

Thx Nobby for your support, the mod I made can be cancelled by recoil enumulation which is unfortunate in the COH cos it is switched on, however it does calm it down a very small ammount, but still recoils the screen.


Yes you are right the defaulters live in the past, and are not like us young ones.....hehe..............................changes mean cheats to them.

This is the only  MOD i had in my game last nite, and Worrior had NONE, yet both of us were in my OWN effing server. (since when did my mod become some kind of HAX) doesnt allow me to see round corners ??????

Just a pity that some people dont realise that we are good in some maps and shit in others (but thats when we somehow manage to go out the game and put cheats on without leaving the servers) ??????????

I for one are getting fed up with it now, doesnt matter what we do, cos if we play well we get called HAX........BRING ON THE GOOD WEATHER SO I CAN GET TO THE GOLF, oh and by the way its a gentlemans sport and dont cheat there either.

Same as blood mods are cheats because it means we can see if we hit them or not...WELL if it were REAL guns you bettter believe you would see blood.

However I will throw away my good pc, 24" monitor, razer keyboard and g500 mouse and play on a laptop, so they can all put their tissues away, and win all the time.

Enough from me on this.....I GIVE UP................Hope the snow melts quick.

Re: MOHAA Macros / keybinds disscussion

I need a macro that makes me tea and brings me cakes!!