MOHAAC first time install guide - NEW

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MOHAAC first time install guide - NEW

Hi Steve has updated MOHAAC with a wizard to help you install !!!


You will now see a setup wizard on your first launch of MOHAAC (won't show after updates are applied):

Now will backup MOHAA on first use:

Requires the Make Me Stock Utilities be run on first usage:

Report Player Module:

Request removal of infractions:

Profiling Module:

MOHAA Restore Module:

New ability to disable usage of cinematic and s_ambientvolume (s_ambientvolume will be set to 1 , then the command will become dysfunctional). More commands will be added in the future.

Other changes:
**the wv,wt,Mtex values which accompany the FPS display in-game will no longer be shown. Only FPS will be shown when `fps` is set to 1
*disabled the in-game `notepad`, this means that all functions which require it (editshader,editspecificshader,etc) will be completely useless.

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again