No-Recoil Hack Fix (AA&SH)

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No-Recoil Hack Fix (AA&SH)

Mod PK3


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jv_map & sorridstroker





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A serverside fix for both AA & SH to block the no-recoil hack.
Fyi: The Reborn Patch does this as well for AA servers, by setting sv_recoilemulation to 1.

Ok as you can see from this thread work on this has been ongoing for a long time by many people.

I think at last a reasonable if not good solution to this problem has been developed.

This is still in Beta form but I have been testing it alot and found as many bugs as can, I therefore think that it is now good enough for people to leave on their servers for some more long term testing.

At the moment I have only made an Allied Assault version, expansions will follow in time, but I'm sure you can appretiate because of my job I have very little of this to give to such a project (be patient).

If you use this and notice bugs and or performance issues please let me know here.

What does this do? -

Well nothing! lol If you do not hack you will notice little difference apart from a slight pause at weapon raise, and a message.

However if you use any form of recoil hack (and yes I mean any!) you will find it no longer works.

How the **** does that work? - I thought recoil was undetectable?

Yup it is as the recoil is handled by the client the server has no clue if recoil is being used or not. - so what I did:

1. I forced everyone on the server to have norecoil, to put everyone on a level playing field - to do this I had to completely scrap the default weapons and create custom serverside weapons, these of course have no recoil whatsoever.

2. I implemented a script written by jv_map for a unrelated mod to applie recoil to the weapons, therefore bypassing the recoil system alltogether.

This is all handled by the server 100% so cannot be bypassed.


jv_map has developed a better version with less conflicts for beta testing.

Please use his instead.