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Railyard_Mid by AccadaccA
Map Info:=========Compatible with Allied Assult, Spearhead and Breakthrough.
This is the mid size version of my original "Railyard" which was demanding on frame rates.I made this smaller version "Railyard_Mid" for lesser video cards so if you have 2GB or less video card then please play this version.I had planned to make an even smaller version but family life got in the way. Sorry.
Four rail warehouses seperating six full length trains of various carriage types aligned in such a way that you can pass through from train to train to platform to train to train, etc. without touching the ground.In this version there are two sets of rail tracks, adorning trains, between each warehouse.
Walk around, through, between or over carriages and warehouses.Two rail yard type foot bridges overlook the entire yard.Take vantage points atop of the rail yard buildings at either end of the map.
Installation:=============Just drop the pk3 file into the "main' directory of MOHAA.Have fun. Smile
History:========Completed: April 16, 2020
Alterations: May, 11, 2020Made a 3D model of a train carriage (flatbed) to replace brush work of all carriages in an attempt to improve frame rates... but lacked motivation to replace all carriage bases with it.
Alterations: September 20, 2020Removed the 3D carriage model.
Final compile: September 20, 2020

Map video