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Hi all today all AAAA hosted TS3 servers have been updated from 3.0.1 to 3.0.5 details of the updates below

TeamSpeak 3 - Server Changelog
Copyright TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
+ Added feature or noticable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information
! Important - Take note!

=== Server Release 3.0.5 23 April 2012
! MySQL users, please alter your table server_properties and extend the "value" field
from varchar(255) to varchar(2048)
! privilegekeylist no longer shows groups which does not match
i_group_needed_member_add_power and/or i_group_member_add_power
+ added possibility to give a channel password when creating a temporary
server password (check docs for details)
* the following actions will reset client idletime:
logview, clientdblist, complainlist, complainadd, talkower grant and revoke
+ clientlist can also show ips (paramter -ip)
- fixed an issue were channel properties saved two times on create or edit
- fixed an issue were clientdbdelete did not delete avatar files correctly
- fixed invalid ident names for virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block and
virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ip_block (breaks client-side serveredit below version 3.0.6)

=== Server Release 3.0.3 19 March 2012
! permissions updated to revision 14
+ added temporary serverpasswords (servertemppasswordadd, servertemppassworddel, servertemppasswordlist)
check docu for details
+ added new permission b_client_request_talker to control who can request talk power
+ added new permission b_client_avatar_delete_other to allow deleting avatars from other clients
+ ftinitdownload and ftinitupload shows binded ips
- fixed queryclient antiflood bug

=== Server Release 3.0.2 29 February 2012
! anti spam system reworked
- removed virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_warning, virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_kick,
virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ban, virtualserver_antiflood_ban_time
- added virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_command_block
- stops executing of commands, no ban is invoked anymore
- added virtualserver_antiflood_points_needed_ip_block
- prevents from connecting, no ban is invoked
! mysql users please alter all fields in tables "servers" and "clients" regarding download/
upload from "int unsigned" to "bigint unsigned"
+ whoami shows client_origin_server_id (server which the client does belong too)
+ addded servergroupautodelperm and servergroupautoaddperm bound to b_permission_modify_power_ignore (check docu for details)
- fixed empty channeledit command invoked an channeledit message to clients
- fixed query ban message had no line endings
- fixed issue with permlist commands giving not correct error back on an empty list

******** SCAPP GS Protector **********
All new AAAA server builds will now have this installed as default but their have been a few updates since it was released

I recommend that all Servers Admins install this (For those who dont know please read the DOC's but this will protect your Game server from flood attacks - Please turn off the Reborn anti Flood - Added CVar to disable in-built AntiFlood: sv_packetantiflood (1 by default)


Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again