Sniper Rules

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Sniper Rules

******** DRAFT *******


These need to be amended and updated by the 3 clans starting this League -: WOV / IG and RTR

Rule 0 !! All clans in this League not only represent their own clan but playing in AAAA League you also represent AAAA - The whole point of the League is to promote the GAME and to have FUN !!! and be FRIENDLY. 

 Any member / Clan seen abusing the Fun and Friendly ETHOS will be dealt with by AAAA and TBH got NO time for IT !! Will be an instant BAN !! Their will always be issues with certain players with in any clan but their is always a GOOD way to deal with this with out a Slanging match starting between clans !!!

Admins ONLY should DEAL with difficult issues IN PRIVATE not in Public

 AAAA when required will not get involved in matters between clans as I will not take sides AAAA will SHUT DOWN the LEAGUE if the clans fail to resolve issues !!!


1.Each clan can submit a max number of 20 players prior to start of season, after the start of season no other players can be used in the League.
You can use up to 2 players from other Clans as long as they are not in the league else where and this must be agreed with the clan you are playing. If your clan has changed a lot during then you should submit an updated clan player list to the League!!!

2.Every player must have NO mods in their main directory, including Cross hairs Blood mods, custom maps in main are allowed but if unsure go for a clean main!!!

3.Clan Player Balancing - The recommended minimum number of players for a League match is 4. (If two clans agree on less or more that is accepted).

4..The Min number of players for a match should be 4 players - If it is less then both clans would need to agree but the clan with more players is not expected to have to drop players.

5.If a player is disconnected from battle by what ever means round continues, player can rejoin but must ensure he does not remain in spec.

6.All Matches must be played on the AAAA match servers.

8.Any match played which results in a dispute must be completed their and then. If a clan quits over a dispute the clan remaining will win. Complete the match and raise a dispute - a dispute will result in one clan admin from clans not involved in match voting on outcome.

9.There will be currently 3 maps to choose from: The Hunt, V2 & The Bridge.

10. Game settings 5 rounds 5 mins each (total of 20 games)

seta sv_walkspeed "180" ****** This is ok IMO!!!
seta sv_runspeed "300" ****** This is ok IMO!!!
seta g_allowjointime "2"  // This to stop respawning
seta g_inactivespectate "0"  // AFK players do not get in spectator mode
seta g_teamdamage "1" // Friendly Fire = ON
CKR Realism + Mephys Sniper Only mod + Mapfix 2.3/2.4 on!

11. Choosing maps -: 1 map per clan is chosen

12. Each clan will play the opposing clan twice

13. Start of match - both Clan admins agree ready via screen txt or TS - 3 restartes (when map is reloaded) starts the match!!! aaaaadmin tool should be used !!

14. The home clan is responsibly for screen shots at end of round and these must be posted in the League results section (Probably a good idea that both clans take screen shots incase they are missed)

15. The server log files will be available to both clans for checking - Anyone found with a mod or a cheat on will have their points removed and depending on severity may result in the match being void and that player being Warned / Banned

16. Map glitches - any map glitches are not allowed - this includes NO roof access / NO under mapping.
      You can not go on a spot that requires 2 or more players to get to. You can however stack on 1 other player to LOOK over a wall, not to jump on it or get over it.

17. Extra players......NO player can join the match after it has started - if BOTH clans agree that extra players can join later then that is accepted.

18. If a clan does not play at least 2 matches in a month then 2 points will be deducted for each match not played - failure to play any matches over a month may result in being kicked from the league - The points will only be deducted when we feel a clan is letting other clans down.

19 All members must run MOHAAC using Match ID aaaa - MOHAAC will autokick any player not running it - autokick is running on the AAAA servers. If it is deem'd that a player is abusing this request then failure may result in 0.5 of a point for each player not submitting a scan!!! ALL infractions will be reviewed and if deem'd a major infraction 0.5 of a point will be removed from the clan.

20 Where possible or requested Referee's will be present on a match - Referee's will be from another clan in the league or a player accepted by both clans or not at all - refs must not be in clans teamspeaks but on AAAA Ts3

21 If a clan leaves the League before completing all matches played and unplayed matches will be removed from League scores. This will result in as if they were never in the League so all points removed for all their matches effecting both played and unplayed matches.

22 If a League match is arranged and one of the clans cancel's on the night NOT giving at least 1 day's notice before the match they need to cancel then the cancelling clan will receive a -3 point penalty.
Any Clan getting 2 lots of penalty points (-6 so cancelling 2 matches against the same clan) will have that match awarded to the other clan and that match would not be played again.
Any clan receiving more than 9 penalty points will be reviewed by the other clan admins to decide if that clan should remain in the League.

Match Point scoring -:

3 for a win
1 for a draw
0 for a loss

23. Duels
Every match starts with sniper duels. These will be 1v1 duels and it will end when 1 team has lost all its players. The winner can decide the first map and teamside.

24. Doorblocking
Excessive doorblocking is NOT allowed, this is a league to have fun and doorblocking just ruins the gameplay. If it happens by accident or you just want to close the door quickly then that's allowed, but doorblocking for about 3 seconds minimum is not allowed (plus don't do it too often). MOHAAC demo's will be able to see if someone is ruining the gameplay, just keep it fun!

25. Reborn patch
xNULL is working on fixing the windows bug, and should be out soon. On that moment Reborn can be used without a problem in Sniper Only.

Keep it clean and Enjoy!!!

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: Sniper Rules

As for SO, rules should be changed a bit.

I'd say 5 players every match, not 6. Especially because some people from clans don't like to play SO.
CKR Realism must be on, playing default on SO is horrible.
No custom maps (though if the clans want, then why not..)
Walkspeed/runspeed, I'd put it lower (160/280), but again, if the participating clans want something else.. why not.
You can not use spots/glitches that you're not able to get to yourself.
You can stack on each other, only for looking over a wall, not for jumping over it or standing on top of it.
Every match starts with 1v1 sniper duels, last remaining team can choose first map and side.

Just a few suggestions.

Re: Sniper Rules

Rules have been updated/added in according to the wishes of the clans involved (that were present at the meeting, so Rtr, WoV & iG).
Please re-read the rules carefully, any questions feel free to ask!

Re: Sniper Rules

Shadow wrote:

Rules have been updated/added in according to the wishes of the clans involved (that were present at the meeting, so Rtr, WoV & iG).
Please re-read the rules carefully, any questions feel free to ask!


Many thanks Brian for running with this helps a lot cheers !!


Note Battleaxe post re match ID's great idea we need set up seperate match ID's for each League - also the existing match id AAAA has custom maps in it so think will be good for us to create seperate for each league -:



Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: Sniper Rules

Yes something like aaaaso will be good.. and don't add any custom things to it Smile
Ooh and cinematic and stuff should be able to be used on MOHAAC.