Server Admins how to get SW running

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Server Admins how to get SW running

Its a zip file with 3 seperate folders -:

SWVIEWER this is the Viewer client - this enables you as an admin or a guset to connect to your SW server where ever it may be running.

SWANTICLIENT - This is what each player needs to install on their PC prior to launching MOHAA

SERVERWATCH - This is the main part for your server.

Hey look I have been using this and i can get any server running in 10 mins !!!
here it looks long ad hard but i had to learn myself lol only took me 2 months.

If you after this dont know where to start sort me with remote access to where you install it and I will show you - options are a remote desktop program called Teamviewer 3 download install and contact me and you can securely watch me set it up )))))

Setting up Server watch place the "SERVERWATCH" folder where you want to run it....their are a few options.....
If you run a Hosted Dedicated server and have remote desktop access then place it anywhere on that server.

Now open the folder and run "ServerWatch.exe"

Click on "File" (top left) and select "setup"

Click on "Direct file access" (NOT FTP) now clickon "selctfile" for "server logfile" on main screen to the left middle. Point this to and select your "qconsole.log" in MOHAA directory

If you are on A Hosted virtual server and no remote desktop access then place this folder on any PC at your home and run it from their (needs to be running all the time)
Click on "FTP" Now enter all your FTP connect details to where your game server is user id / password / port / ip
Point this to and select where your "qconsole.log" in MOHAA directory is

On the right hand side of this screen is your RCON setup access - Key in your Server HOST IP (currently Change this to the serverIP where SW is running so either your home IP if running their or your game server IP if running their. Same again for port and password underneath as you would on any scanner.

Click on " Save and activate" bottom left

Now click on the "WEBSERVER" tab at the top of the screen. This runs its own stats and info server for admins and users. change your IP to that where SW is running (same as your game server) The port is set as 83 but can be any you like.
The base settings create a folder of your choice and select them - you will see our example already entered

Click on "save and activate config"

Click on "File" (top left) and select "Anticheatsetup"

Now click on top left tab "Serverwatch Anticheat server setup"

Change this also to the same server IP as above depending on where you run it from

Click on " Save and activate" bottom left

This part is now done!!!!

For Client viewer and Anticheat see AAAA server watch setup - just remember to change the ports on the viewer and add guest and admin accounts.

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again