Install of user anti cheat client on Windows 7

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Install of user anti cheat client on Windows 7

ServerWatch was not written for VISTA or Windows7 BUT it does work!!! so install is a bit longer but DOES work. Please read through this all prior to INSTALL!! (it looks long and hard it is not!!! try it!!!) notes are here to help and cover all issues you may or may not encounter along the way!!!!!

Download Server Watch Anticheat client from here-: ... Cheat.html

Save to your normal download area - you may need to run the install twice to get it to work

Install - make sure your user account for windows has admin right's (check in control panel user accounts)

During Install you may get "unidentified program wants to access your computer" Click on Allow

During install you may get "Access denied writing" if this happens hit the retry button, if this fails hit cancel

You may then get window saying "Restart program as Admin" select this option

You may then get a window saying "I Trust" select Allow option

If at anypoint you get a VISTA Unblock request click on "UNBLOCK"

If you had to select Cancel on "Access denied writing" and at this point it has not restarted install you may have to try the install again.

If install has now completed ok you should now have "ServerWatch Anti Cheat" Icon on your desktop

IMPORTANT - goto ServerWatch Anticheat DIR example
C:\Program Files\ServerWatch AntiCheat or cC:\Program FilesX86\ServerWatch AntiCheat
Right click on "SWAntiCheat.exe" and select "properties" and "compatibility" SELECT the following -:
"run as ADMIN"
"Windows NT4" as mode" click apply and ok
Click the icon "ServerWatch AntiCheat" frm desktop or menu and select "I accept" on disclaimer read me.

Select MOHAA from popup window for game options

If you get the error "please setup your path to your game - it was not found in registry" click on ok and then click on "Yes" on next popup window to change it - should be "C:\Program files\EA games\MOHAA" or where your game is !! and then click on ok

At this point you may get these error's displayed
"Error on checking for update" ignore update server is down
"could not copy glut32.dll" ignore

Change the following options -:
"ask for game type on start up" untick this and MOHAA will be selected by default

As regards Teamspeak option dont bother not using this feature at present!!!!

Enter your email address - this is so our server can send you your own report.

Wait for blue progress bar at top to complete and then select "File" and "save setup"
Ensure bottom Right hand corner say's "Running DISCONNECTED" it will auto connect nothing to change!!!

If it is showing as STOPPED in bottom right hand corner then select "FILE" and start

Do not run MOHAA prior to this or try to run this after MOHAA is already started!!!!
run MOHAA as you normally would.

Once in the game after a few minutes as much as 8mins you will get a message to say you are connected.

NOTE on my first test I never got connected to ANTICHEAT - quit out of game and check ANticheat - if it is showing in "STOPPED" state then exit and restart - next time round should be fine.

That lot sounds complicated - it not as long as you click on allow and unblock questions correctly - this is just for the install and only has to be done once afterwards you just run it prior to MOHAA launch

I have just try'd to cover all possible messages you may get.
****PLEASE note that it is important to enter your email address and to do a "FILE" "SAVE SETUP

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again