Base Assault v1.0

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Base Assault v1.0

Well had to put this one in Cool

Base Assault v1.0 by Veers and Bulldozer



Version: 1.0 | Release date: 2011.07.24

Play mohaa with loads of drivable vehicles and make tactical routes to destroy enemy bases!
Cover your teammates using cannons and machine guns or help them as a medic! Repair your vehicles as an engineer.


This version is no longer being developed, many hours were spent developing this but it has been taken to
its maximum potential and now our efforts are to develop Base Assault 2.

It is not really recommended to use on public servers. Sad # see known issues

Usable planes and trucks might be missed, but we had to take them out.

1. Description:

This server-side only mod is based on the notorious Base Assault gametype from the game 'Call of Duty: United Offensive'.
As there, you can also use numbers of vehicle to map the fairly large but quite linear areas given by Single Player

campaigns. Nevertheless this mod provides a little bit more. On some maps you can find more cannons too,
for instance nebelwerfer and flak88. Both teams have the same objectives:
'Destroy the enemy bases and detonate them!' (bases are symbolized by bigger-sized tanks)
Each vehicles has his own physical attributes, which are similar to the real ones.

2. Requirements:

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA) v1.11

It does NOT work with 1.12 Reborn Patch. Perhaps with disabled antistwh or antiwh only. But can cause lag.

This mod does NOT work on Spearhead or Breakthrough.

3. Installation:

Place the 'zzz-base_assault_v1_0.pk3' file into the 'main' folder.
Notice that there is a 'DMPrecache.scr' file inside the pk3 that may cause conflicts with other mods.
Weapon .tik files are also edited, therefore there can be conflicts with mods like CKR Realism.

4. Uninstallation:

Just remove the 'zzz-base_assault_v1-0.pk3' file from the 'main' folder.

5. Cvars:

seta g_bas 1|0 default: 0 // Enables/Disables the 'Base Assault' gametype.

seta base_health 0-X default: 10000 // Sets the health of the bases.

seta medic_caste 1|0 default: 0 // Enables/Disables the medic mod.

seta engineer_caste 1|0 default: 0 // Enables/Disables the engineer mod.

seta undermap_fix 1|0 default: 1 // Enables/Disables the fix against getting under the map.

seta teamkill_fix 1|0 default: 0 // Enables/Disables the fix against teamkilling.

seta spawn_protect 1|0 default: 0 // Enables/Disables the protection when a player spawns.

Suggested roundlimit: 20

Required gametype: objective match (g_gametype 4, altough it is set automatically)

6. Features:

List of useable vehicles:
- allied jeep [equipped with 1 30cal machine gun and headlights] - for 2 players
- king tiger tank [equipped with cannon and 1 machine gun] - for 2 players
- tiger tank [equipped with cannon and 1 machine gun] - for 2 players
- panzer tank (desert&green) [equipped with cannon and 1 machine gun] - for 2 players

List of useable cannons:
- nebelwerfer
- flak88

List of other useful things:
- several panzerschrek&bazooka picking up place
- medic caste
[medics have 200 HP]
[medics can't drive tanks]
[select shotgun to become a medic and get equipped with SMG]
[drop healthpacks after holstering, by holding the USE button and pressing the FIRE button]
[resuscitate players by holding the USE button crouching above dead soldiers' chest]
- engineer caste
[engineer can plant/defuse bombs less time]
[select bazooka or panzerschrek to become an engineer and get equipped with rifle]
[repair vehicles after holstering, by pressing the FIRE button]
- soundfix for weapons on single player maps
- undermap fix (nosy players are teleported back to the spawn)
- teamkill fix against killing teammates by tank-turret machine gun (quite inaccurate) - teamkillers are warned three times

before they lose their driving licence Smile

List of supported maps:
- m1l3a
- m1l3b
- m4l1
- m5l2a
- m5l3

7. Known issues & other infos:

- everyone has the chance to stuck with vehicles, because the game engine is not so compatible and there are exploits/bugs on the supported maps, too
- plenty of vehicles are permeable, because their collisions are not done
- machine gun's aim follows the crosshair, not the tank-turret
- console floods lots of errors
- (occurently) high server load and ping
- (sometimes) possible server crashes
- (sometimes) server kicks players showing 'bad command byte' error message in the console while map-changing
- scripts are written using hungarian language

+ After all, all of the scripts are extremely optimized and their errors were fixed minutely.

8. Dedicated to:

- members of Medal of Honor Filefront
- members of ModTheater
- members of Mods-R-Us
- MOH Community/MOHAA players

9. Credits:

Written and main idea by:
Veers [HU]

Further ideas, testing and english translation by:
Bulldozer [HU]

Server providing and contributing by:
Heatsinkbod [UK]

Key detection in torso by:
jv_map [NL] & The Sky Is The Limit mod | | | |

10. Contact:

Contact us to report problems/crashes. Especially we are pretty opened for new ideas!

Veers Xfire: genveers87

Bulldozer Xfire: bulldozerecske
MSN: bulldozerecske [at] hotmail [dot] com
E-mail: bulldozerecske [at] gmail [dot] com

11. Warning:

You are not allowed to modify this mod (unless changing values) without the permission of the creators.

This mod can be downloaded over on x-null -

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again