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Christmas Theme Server !!

Christmas is coming up !! That means we've decided to create a Christmas themed server !

The server will run on custom maps and will be using some custom skins and a nice mod !

Theme: Christmas
Mod: Snow Ball Fight (Your only weapons are SNOWBALLS!)
Mod #2: Flying Sleigh mod on 1 map !!!
Maps: 8 yes, EIGHT Christmas themed maps !
Skins: 12 Allied Skins & 15 Axis Skins !!!!!


MoH:AA Guide

The MoH:AA Guide.
( Here are the full version for Downloading to browse offline - PDF format : MIRROR 1 (0) - MIRROR 2 (0))

Full MOHAA-GUIDE online Index -: see here

MOHAA Facebook Community

Since the first day of the recent MOHAA-Athon #14 a Facebook group has been created for all the (old) MoH:AA Community members.
In this short time over 1400+ people have already added themselves to the group and introduced themselves.
Some even meet old friends again and it's a good place to share MoH:AA related stuff, as of now it's mostly still people introducing themselves non-stop.

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