AAAA 2013

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AAAA 2013

Well another great year for MOHAA on AAAA many new friends have joined and the community has grown so much, I am trying to support MOHSH more but MOHSH clans and players need to muck in on that side I dont get enough time to support MOHSH as well hopefully we will find a MOHSH VET next year to help with that side.....

For AAAA Hosting we lost a few from normal clan / server didn't get used - as far as I know since the new dedi 2 our performance has been great ?

Great news with ANGO joining AAAA Hosting which has helped that side of the budget greatly

Targets for next year are to get more clans on the hosting and to build on the mod Database - currently we have over 1900 maps but only 50 mods so hope next year we can get those mods uploaded.

Many thanks all for your help and support hope you all have a great Christmas and new year!! Beer Crazy

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again