Scapp updates

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Scapp updates

Hi all Joto has just updated Scapp Watchdog which AAAA is running across both our Dedicated servers..........

For AAAA we would not be running a second dedicated server with out Scapp Watchdog so from all at AAAA I wish to thank Joto for his development on Scapp Wink

For those who dont know Scapp check out at -:

Watchdog keeps our game servers running on our main servers and from a admin side on our dedi servers has helped AAAA expand and fix some major old problems with server control and management :idea:

Also this has given us better stability and control on our servers which means we gain better performance Wink

So its a big thanks from AAAA and myself on all your efforts and hard work Joto on Scapp projects Wink

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Scapp updates

Yes!!! JoTo thank you pal for nice work (I use scapp-host)Despite that not all functions are working on this version (or not smart enough to know how turn it on :idea:) I found is useful tool to control servers I run. Cheers mate

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